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Mar 15, 2013 1:40am PDT
cruz of texas challenged the bill's sponsor, dianne feinstein about her views. she came back at him. take a listen. >> would she think the 4th amendment protection against searches and seizures could properly apply only to the following specified individuals and not to the individuals that congress has deemed outside the protection. >> it is fine you want to lecture me on the constitution. i appreciate it. just know i have been here a long time. i have passed on a number of bills. i studied the constitution myself. i am reasonably well educated. and i thank you for the lecture. >> ooh. dianne feinstein said it would cut down on firearms and magazines used in mass shootings and also cut down on the destruction they leave behind. opponents say they would violate the right to bear arms. >> an 11-year-old kicked off her football team because she was a girl will be allowed to play after all. carolyn plow attracted national attention when she lost her place on a team run by the catholic youth organization in pennsylvania. but the archbishop of philadelphia ruled that co-ed football will b
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1